Family Matters

Family and relationships matter. They are what give us a sense of place and belonging. That is why we should plan for them with care – but also why we all need help when problems arise.

If you have family plans ahead of you it makes sense to get practical advice from the outset so you know which decisions are truly best for you. But if you are experiencing family or relationship breakdown it will undoubtedly be one of the most stressful periods you are likely to encounter in your life. Making even the simplest decisions can seem impossible. It is essential you get the practical guidance you need to help you make the right choices as early as possible.

Speak with one of our specialist Family Lawyers and we will give you honest, straight-talking advice to get the best outcome for you and your family.

We all have families and relationships, so we understand the impact a dispute can have on your life. We also know that for most of us protecting our family is paramount. That is why we are absolutely committed to getting you the solutions you need. Our long history of providing pragmatic and effective family and divorce law advice means we understand the importance of responding to your needs whichever option is appropriate for you. We provide the highest standards of representation – all delivered with a human touch. Sensitivity and discretion are our watchwords, so you can allow us to take the strain, safe in the knowledge you are in good hands.


Breaking up is hard… it takes us on an emotional journey that can seem endless – and makes demands on us that can seem impossible to manage. When you are looking for a local divorce solicitor, you need someone who will be compassionate, understanding, non-judgmental, loyal, highly professional and fiercely supportive. Whether you have just been served with divorce papers, or you need to know how to begin a divorce, or you are worried about the costs of getting divorced – you need people by your side who truly understand the challenges divorce creates and the impact it has on you and your family.

Finances and Divorce

If you are facing family or relationship breakup it is natural to worry about the financial implications and asset division. Achieving a fair resolution of all the financial issues surrounding divorce or the dissolution of a civil partnership can be highly stressful

You may be concerned about how to achieve the fairest division of your family assets. Or you may be worried about how to deal with any requirements for continuing support or perhaps even how you will manage to make ends meet in the future.

At Abbleys we appreciate the financial aspects are not always easy and we know every case is different.

Through our expertise and a wide range of highly skilled legal knowledge and resources we can ensure no issue is left unresolved. We are thorough, empathetic and determined and we are on your side. We focus on finding an efficient and cost-effective solution.

If you are worried your spouse intends to dispose of property we can help, there too with detailed consideration of claims to freeze assets or prevent their disposal.

Successfully resolving financial issues at challenging times like these is key to safeguarding your future, and that of your family.

Financial Remedy (previously called Ancillary relief) is the generic term for all the claims for financial and property matters including maintenance support related to divorce and dissolution.

We will also guide you where there are children to consider looking to ensure appropriate financial support for them whether ancillary to divorce, dissolution or otherwise. For children born outside a marriage or civil partnership different financial expertise and guidance is required. Please link to our guide on claims for financial support relating to children under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989.

Child Law

Looking at life from a child’s perspective…

Dealing with the emotional upheaval caused by divorce, separation, dissolution of a civil partnership or the ending of cohabitation is hard enough for the adults involved – but for your children it can be even harder.

Making sure their needs are properly considered and that the right provisions are put in place is essential. Not only are we on your side, but we will also help you ensure your children’s best interests are kept at the heart of all the decisions that involve them.

We are child focused and pragmatic and we will help you find the right solution.

We will listen. We will be compassionate. We will not judge – but we will tell you what you need to know.

We are very sympathetic to the emotional strain you are under. We understand children in the context of relationship breakdown. You want to know that everything is covered, so there are no areas of doubt opening up potential problems in the future.

You may be concerned about where your children will live, how much time they will have with you or your ex-partner or how to ensure your own parents have time with your children. You may be worried your child will be taken out of the jurisdiction, in which case you should contact us immediately.

Whatever your particular circumstances, the breakdown of a relationship is a difficult and upsetting time and you will be anxious about the impact it has on your children.

We are always here to answer any concerns you have. We will be honest about where you stand, answer your questions and talk you through the process.