Civil Litigation and Property Disputes

Whether you are a business or an individual, disputes are always disruptive and emotive. If you get as far as litigation, you need the help of lawyers with substantial court and litigation experience.

Before a matter reaches court, we will do our utmost to resolve the issue swiftly and without resorting to Court. We will discuss with you whether that should be mediation or an informal meeting and we can negotiate on your behalf. When settlement is reached we can draft a comprehensive agreement to set out the terms.

Court cases take time and money to resolve but the outcome is often critical. It may not feel like a battle you can win but with Abbleys on your side, starting or challenging legal proceedings does not have to be quite so daunting.

When cases arise it is in your best interests to seek expert advice. It is crucial to the success of your case that you can present the facts (in correspondence and witness evidence) in the best way possible. Equally, do not underestimate the importance of following procedure – not complying with rules or orders can mean your case is dismissed or you pay the other side’s costs.


Why Choose us?

We are a specialist litigation firm. Our knowledge of the rules and our experience of preparing cases will give you a strategic benefit in fighting or defending proceedings. Carefully planned applications and hearings will transform your case.

We have years of successfully representing people in the full range of disputes that can arise within civil and property litigation. This includes landlord and tenant, forfeiture, trespass, neighbour disputes, consumer matters, unfair relationships, conversion, contract disputes, personal injury, capacity, data protection and insolvency amongst many other civil disputes. No two cases are the same.

The benefit of our knowledge and the weight of our reputation with judges, experts and other professionals will be invaluable to your case. The range and depth of our experience is vast, as a specialist litigation firm we have appeared in Courts and Tribunals all around England and Wales to deal with all sorts of problems.

Once we have the details of your case we will give you advice on what to expect and how best to deal with your matter. We will put you in a position to make an informed choice on the issues affecting you. We will guide you through the procedure and take care of all the arrangements. We will do everything we can to protect you and give your case the best chance of succeeding.

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Recent Cases

  • We acted on a neighbour dispute where proposed building works would have jeopardised the integrity and security of our client’s home. Despite a complicated and novel area of law arising and though the dispute took time to resolve, the opposing party desisted with their works.
  • We acted for a wife of a director who, without full knowledge, had signed a company guarantee for her husband’s company and was being pursued for a debt covered by the guarantee. We settled the proceedings by negotiating with the opposing solicitors.
  • We represented a lady who was being harassed by a person who brought a litany of claims against her including libel proceedings. We had them struck out a first hearing and recovered all of our costs incurred by our client.
  • We represented the freehold landlord who, under a long lease, let property to a Nigerian State Entity had incurred substantial arrears and costs which we were able to successfully recover in full after international enquiries and Court action.